Thursday, December 28, 2017


“I have taken myself out of the complexities, or maybe I have taken the complexities out of myself”
That was Marcus Aurelius, the grand old Roman, speaking through his “Meditations”. It is a sentiment I came across a long time back and which has come back to me after a long time.
The last few months have sped by in a flurry of activity-lots of work, renewing contact with many old acquaintances and friends, the re-advent of Delhi into my life. I have never particularly cozied up to Chandigarh, yet this was the one place that seemed over the last few months to give me the comfort of the anchor that I sought.
Up until today. Today I came across, again after a very long time, the one person who for me will always remain the one reason that I can never forget this city. Jasmine.
Her absence over the last few months left a void that I did not quite understand in the beginning. It felt as if all that I was being deprived of was a few inane games and a truckload of affection. Nothing that could not be substituted by drowning oneself in a quagmire of work or by seeking vicarious affectations from the world at large.
What I overlooked was the purity and honesty that came with all our frivolities. The fact that whether or not this child of five understood a word of what I was saying, she would always react with an unimaginable, inviolable sincerity. That despite the fact, or maybe because of it, that she did not understand my words, I would never have to think before unburdening myself to her.
Meeting her revived a lot of memories but even more, made me realise the futility of encumbering myself with the transparent banalities that we often seek refuge in. That though life may be a big thing, its joys and its essence are always found in the small things.
So, today, I shun the complexities, not knowing whether they made me up or I made them up. But certain of the fact, as the poet said, that;
“Sitaron ke aagey jahan aur bhi hain/Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain”


  1. It's a pleasure to visit your blog and read your post after such a long time sir. More than anything else, it was heartening to know that most of us, including myself, have learned to take complexities out of their lives and make it as simple as possible. All the best sir.Take care!

  2. I will sound like a parrot if I say ‘it is often in the absence of someone that you realize the strength of their place in your life’ so hence I shall refrain but it is true that in spite of knowing what the Simple things are we often chose not to indulge in their bliss lest the perfection of their existence in our life be enameled in anything but our conception of that very perfection.

    Often it isn’t possible to recreate the exact emotions, environment, reactions that were a big part of certain moments but almost no two memories are alike and hence each day we start afresh and each day we live a afresh while cementing the underlying bond.

    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle
    khuda bande se khud poochae ki bata teri raza kya hai

    PS: THIS might just make your day! ;)

  3. Some people leave an indelible mark on our lives which is hard to erase. Complexities arise both from within and outside.

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  5. Brijender its been a while and the world’s eagerly awaiting a change on your blog :P

  6. PS: dil ki baton ko hoothon se nahi kehte, yeh fasana toh nighahon se bayaan hota hai…

    PPS: Sorry it’s the epitome of cheesy but sometimes there’s nothing better than cheese even if it chokes you! ;)

  7. @Sidra the "Rich" Sayeed

    What change?? From what and to what??
    Care/dare to elaborate?